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Cacapon & Potomac Rivers - Great Cacapon

Cox Camping is in a great location to visit the beautiful rivers in our area. Fish, Float, Tube, Kayak or Canoe sections of the river as desired.

The Cacapon River (ka-KAY-pon; meaning Medicine Waters), is located in the Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia's Eastern Panhandle region, is an 81.0-mile-long river known for its fishing, boating, wildlife, and scenery. As part of the Potomac River watershed, it is an American Heritage River.

The Cacapon River meanders into Morgan County at Largent where Cacapon Road (West Virginia Route 9) passes over it and the river is met by Stony Creek. It continues its meandering course northeast between Sideling Hill and Little Mountain until Fisher's Bridge where it is joined to its east by the western flanks of Cacapon Mountain.

Tonoloway Ridge then bounds the Cacapon River to its west until it reaches the railroad hamlet of Great Cacapon. After passing under the WV 9 and old Baltimore and Ohio Railroad bridges, the Cacapon River joins the Potomac.

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